AMSE’s mission is to prepare the next generation of Christian STEM innovators.

Junior AMSE provides junior high students with incredible facilities, outstanding curriculum, and unique opportunities to inspire future mathematicians, scientists, doctors, and engineers, all while preparing them for our high school AMSE program. From the competitive robotics team to the agriculture club, Junior AMSE offers a variety of hands-on classes, programs, and clubs, and even gives students the opportunity to complete high-school-level courses while in junior high.


ALEKS, Algebra Readiness, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry


Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science


3D Animation (I, II), 3D Game Design, Robotics, Intro to Programming, Video Production, Project Lead the Way: Design & Robotics, Environmental Science, Medicine & Technology, Space & Electricity, Investigative Science, VCJH Space Program


Aggies Club, Chess Club, GEM ST (Girls in Engineering, Math, Science, and Technology), Maker Space, Math Club, Rubik’s Cube, Science Club, STAR Radio Youth, Drone Club


Ocean Discovery, Robotics


eCYBERMISSION, Rube Goldberg

Junior AMSE students must complete the following requirements in order to receive “AMSE Graduate” recognition at the 8
th grade graduation ceremony:

  • Junior AMSE Curricular Electives (Minimum 2 classroom courses)
  • Participation in a Co-Curricular Club or Program (1 each year outside of class time)
  • 1 Science Project Submission (eCybermission (8th grade) or Rube Goldberg project qualifies)


  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400 FAX: 408.559.4022
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460 FAX: 408.513.2472
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400 FAX: 408.513.2527
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